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"I will be the Mayor who

continues to value a safer environment

for driving, walking, biking and

taking public transportation."

Campaigns can be really fast-paced, and when you hear a candidate say they do not support an issue it can be hard to know what they really mean. On June 25th, during a candidate forum for the League of Women Voters, one of my opponents decided to give her opinion that she “Does not support traffic calming.”

Let’s talk about that statement.   

What is traffic calming?
  • Traffic calming is a program in the city where money from red light cameras goes into a pot of funding that the neighborhoods apply for.
  • Neighborhoods apply for projects that make their neighborhoods safer. Some examples: Sidewalks, street trees, signs that read back the speed you are going, bump outs, bike lanes and crosswalks.
Why do traffic calming?
  • It has proven to reduce the risk of accidents (which are on the rise statewide).
  • It will enhance the street environment.
  • It increases safety for all users.
I am writing this is to point out that this is how we build a community. To offhandedly say you do not support these measures shows a complete lack of understanding of what our citizens want.

The traffic calming program is the most popular program in the city among neighborhoods and community members. Of the 10,000 doors we have knocked on, not a single person has said, "Why did you put that tree in place on Monroe?" or "Why do we have more crosswalks by our school?"

This election is not about fear, it is about the kind of city we want as we continue to grow. 

I want a city where your child can walk on sidewalks from your front door to the neighborhood school.   

To oppose something that the citizens value and a program that provides a needed service shows a complete lack of listening over the last decade.

I will be the Mayor who continues to value a safer environment for driving, walking, biking, and taking public transportation.

Thank you for your support,


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