Spokane's citizens deserve efficient and innovative government services in a city that values our environment, welcomes everyone and champions progress. As a Mayor for all i'll continue to work for all Spokane across the broad and diverse slate of policy goals outlined below...


A SAFE SPOKANE | Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

Commit to sustainable public safety staffing levels while taking a holistic look at improving community safety.

Establish Community Court as a permanent court and adequately fund the entire Municipal Court

Downtown nuisance issues should all be referred to Community Court.

Empower the Office of Police Ombudsman

Evaluate the costs and benefits of bringing ambulance service back under control of a professional and capable Spokane Fire Department.

Address recidivism by providing job and housing opportunities to formerly incarcerated individuals

Resist federal efforts to unconstitutionally preempt local law

Stand-up to the gun lobby and fight for solutions to keep gun violence out of communities. 

Commit to ensuring that existing gun responsibilities are implemented.


GROWTH IN SPOKANE | Living-wage Jobs and Business Expansion

Continue the targeted investment program by expanding to new burgeoning areas.

Partner with our neighborhood business associations

Improve partnerships with the City’s business improvement districts (BIDs).

Invest more time and resource to long term city planning

Invest in job training and employment programs that give our citizens an opportunity to earn a living, get back on their feet, and help their families break the cycle of poverty.

Work with our state legislators to create an incentive for owners of surface parking lots to develop their property into something with a better use for the general public.


AT HOME IN SPOKANE | Building Community and Expanding Housing Opportunities

Address root cause of homeless, not just treat the symptoms any longer.

Establish a Housing Trust Fund that will assist in the development of affordable housing to create 100 more units in our community per year, housing an additional 300 people. 

Get aggressive on abandoned homes, their lenders, and the blight that brings down neighboring property values.

Fight against federal efforts to eliminate the Community Development Block Grant and HOME dollars program that serves thousands of citizens in our city.


INVESTING IN OUR PEOPLE| Aging In Place, Youth and Veterans

Work with Aging and Long Term Care to address aging in place for our elderly population.

Ensure all efforts to increase affordable housing include housing designated for our aging population.

Guarantee citizens over 55 receive the proper credit on their utility bills. 

Partner with regional organizations such as WAY HOME to end youth and veterans homeless.

Implement the comprehensive plan that creates density around our corridors and focuses on urban infill to improve our business districts and help ease local housing shortages.


TRANSPORTATION | Feet and Wheels

Create a Department of Transportation that is inclusive of ALL modes of transportation, not just motor vehicles.

Pave and improve more streets than we did the year before.

Partner with our neighborhoods to create a long-term plan to repair, replace, and build new sidewalks.

Improve coordination with the business community and neighborhoods on street construction and City projects.

Eliminate the regulation that mandates specific parking requirements for every development.


SUSTAINABLE SPOKANE | Clean Energy and Strong Utilities

Create an Office of Sustainability that will update and initiate implementation of the Sustainable Action Plan.

Create and begin implementing a plan to address the carbon pollution created by the City’s Waste to Energy Facility.

Identify programs and strategies to address the recycling issues facing our community.



Significantly increase funding for arts and culture over the next four years.

Create a soft-touch regulatory framework that allows cultural events to thrive in our city while ensuring public safety and City cost recovery.

Partner with community groups to develop a recruiting package for international filmmakers looking for places to create long-term projects.


GOVERNANCE | An Effective, Inclusive and Transparent City Hall

Establish a long-overdue Office of Civil Rights and Labor Standards to enforce the City’s non-discrimination laws and to proactively fight for the advancement of civil rights in our community.

Improve coordination with our community’s non-profits to reduce the duplication of services.

Hire more “doers” and reduce middle management. Potholes do not get filled by managers.

Work with our community partners and Civil Service to increase racial and gender diversity in city leadership.

Actively assist in the relocation and acceptance of immigrants and refugees to Spokane.

Acknowledge our City’s history of Native American genocide and work with our local tribes to preserve Native American culture and improve the lives of all Native Americas in our community.

Institute an Employee Led Initiative to disrupt business as usual which encourages employees to innovate, share their opinions, and improve City operations.

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