Responsive Support for Small Business | Real Solutions for Spokane

"I am the only candidate with the ability to step in, on day one, with experience listening to small businesses and a track record of responding."

We know our small businesses and local business districts are not only the backbone of our economy, but our future.

Our comprehensive plan and the desires of the people throughout the city of Spokane share the same common goal, people living where they can work, shop, and learn.

When we walk to the neighborhood coffee shop we see familiar faces of our neighbors and keep our dollars local.
In 2011, I visited 30 small businesses in 30 days to listen. I ran for City Council President in 2011 to implement what I heard.

I would like to highlight a few of the successes we have seen in growing our small, locally owned businesses over the last 7+ years:

•    I led the effort to change parking requirements in neighborhood retail centers. This allowed Itallia Trattoria to open a patio in back of their business instead of a parking lot.   
•    We streamlined permitting using employee led innovations and cut permitting time by 50% for small businesses
•    I led the effort to change old buildings in residential zones to their historic business use. This allowed a business like the Grain Shed to open last year.
•    I spearheaded the idea behind revitalizing Sprague Avenue by targeting our investments, leading to more than a dozen new businesses on the corridor.

Anyone can claim to be business-friendly. I am the only candidate with the ability to step in, on day one, with experience listening to the concerns of small businesses and a track record of responding and changing laws to make the City of Spokane work better for them.

As Mayor, I will listen to small business owners and work to implement their suggestions, just like I have been doing for the last 7+ years.   

As Mayor, I will work to streamline how the city supports our small business associations. 

 As Mayor, I will work to provide housing options near our neighborhood business centers and corridors.The more people that can walk to a business the more successful they will be.

Thank you for your support,