Prioritizing Public Safety | Real Solutions for Spokane

"Public Safety is city's paramount duty. 

I am running for Mayor to ensure accountability.

I will listen to the citizens and act on their behalf."

In my last 7+ years in office, Public Safety has been the number one priority voiced by citizens. Our police and fire departments are at an all-time high in terms of public trust and staffing levelsProperty crime and burglaries decreased in 2018. 

We are moving forward together.

- In the Police Department, we have led on implementation of police body cameras, strengthened the Ombudsman office and ensured that all members of the force receive Crisis Intervention Training (CIT).

- In the Fire Department, we have implemented smaller vehicle response (ARU's) and led in nationwide innovation by including social support with both fire and police.

I am proud to have the endorsement of our local firefighters union, Spokane Firefighters IAFF Local 29. 

In February of 2019, Spokane voters overwhelmingly approved a public safety levy. I led the effort to increase staffing levels, both in every annual budget and by sponsoring the levy. Both the Mayor and the Spokesman-Review opposed the levy.  

Leadership requires listening to the citizens but also ACTING. I listened, and despite opposition put the measure on the ballot to give the citizens the say they deserve.

Consensus was not possible, and the discussion was at times acrimonious, but putting this measure on the ballot was the right thing to do. The citizens agreed, with 64% voting to raise their own taxes to ensure public safety. 

Public Safety is city's paramount duty. I am running for Mayor to ensure accountability. I will listen to the citizens and act on their behalf, even when those in power disagree.

I am running for Mayor to be the leader who does the right thing.

I will be that Mayor.

Thank you for your support,