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"As Mayor, I will continue to work with the community

to create strong, safe thriving neighborhoods

where citizens live, work and play."

In my time on Spokane City Council, a resident has never asked for a mini-freeway to be put through their neighborhood. Not one. Yet some Mayoral candidates believe they can yell “road diet” and convince you that a driver’s ability to speed through a neighborhood to get to a destination 15 seconds quicker should trump your comprehensive plan, your neighborhood plan and the viability of our small businesses. But, the days of suburbanist planning policies that decimate our neighborhoods are over.   

The city has a Comprehensive Plan.

It was developed by thousands of citizens, and it outlines what our city should strive to achieve through our built environment over a twenty-year period (built environments are the human-made spaces where people live, work and play daily). The plan is a citizen-driven document, created in 2001 and updated in 2017. The citizens chose as a top goal to "create a sense of place" through transportation and built environment policies.

We are a city of strong neighborhoods

You can name the areas of town where there is an overwhelming sense of place: Milkshakes on Garland Avenue. Pizza on South Perry Street. Beer on East Sprague Avenue. Tea on Market Street. Antiquing on North Monroe Street (below).

The city made investments in the built environments of these neighborhoods, and the data shows that it has been successful.

  • We chose walkability over maximizing car speed. We invested in safety and small business commerce over extra vehicle lanes to get drivers to their destination 15 seconds quicker.
  • Our business districts are seeing new investment.
  • Families can watch children ride their bikes safely on these active streets.
  • Property values are stronger.
  • An overwhelming “sense of place” is found strongest in these neighborhoods for both residents and visitors alike    

This upcoming election is a choice between strong neighborhoods and mini-freeways. It is a choice between our Comprehensive Plan and 1950’s suburbanization policies. 

I strongly believe that the best Spokane is a walkable, bikeable, and drivable community that makes neighborhoods into destinations, instead of obstacles on the way to developments on the urban fringe.

I choose our Comprehensive Plan and welcome our charge to create a sense of place.

I choose our neighborhoods and their plans for stronger community.

Join our campaign and support a Mayoral candidate that will defend and implement the comprehensive plan while investing in and strengthening all neighborhoods and business districts.

Thank you for your support,


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