March is Health Care Month

I believe that health care is a fundamental human right.  I think everyone should have functional access to high quality health care.  I think the Affordable Care Act is just the starting point, and that our goal should be a system where corporations and insurance companies no longer profit off of sick people.


I believe that in a country as great as America, NOBODY should be denied health care.

Like so many, my first experience with our broken health care system came about because someone I love got sick.  In 2008, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 34.  This was all before I entered the public eye and ran for office, but I wrote a guest editorial all about our experience in the Spokesman-Review.

Click HERE to read my guest editorial.

I have always believed that health care should not be a political issue.  It’s a human issue.  In 2014 my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Our family was devastated.  If my dad had not had excellent health insurance we would have gone bankrupt trying to pay all the bills.

Putting corporate profits over people is un-American.  It’s not who we are.  Our current “Representative” has voted to repeal the ACA dozens of times.  I’m running for Congress so that the thousands of people in our district who rely on the ACA won’t be left in the lurch.

I look forward to a great conversation about health care.  I’m also looking forward to going to the other Washington to fight for all the people who need care here at home.  The resources are there, we just need our government to work for us!

Your friend,