I have worked hard to build broad and diverse support from people all over the Spokane community. The people on this list come from all walks of life and both sides of the political aisle:


Leadership Team

Freda Gandy

Jack Geraghty

Kerry Lynch

Don Barbieri

Sharon Smith

Ann Walter

Jess Walter

Ginger Ewing

Luke Baumgarten

Carol Evans

Additional Endorsements



Senator Andy Billig

Representative Marcus Riccelli

Representative Timm Ormsby

Councilmember Candace Mumm

Councilmember Breean Beggs

Councilmember Karen Stratton

Councilmember Lori Kinnear

Mike Allen

Dennis Dellwo

John Driscoll  

Rich Cowan

Lynette Vehrs   

Ed Wood  

Randy Marler                                   

Joe Cavenaugh     

Jon Snyder                            

Lisa Brown

Gavin Cooley
Ira Amstadter
Rae-Lynn Barden

Steve Salvatori

Mike Foley    

Dave Hawkins

Blair Anundson 

Doug Yost

Louis Stratton

Kurtis Robinson

Jim Sheehan

Kevin Twohig

Suzie Dix

Joyce Cameron

Francis Adewale

David Green

Ed Clark

Brian Estes

Toby Steward

Mariah McKay

Larry Stone
Pete Rayner

Michael Yates

Barb Bedoor

Jerrie Allard

Jody Shapiro

Rob Brewster 

Fawn Schott

Marilee Roloff

Paul Dillon

Tina Morrison

Jim Dawson

Jim and Jill Murphy

Joe and Sharon Conaty

Don and Sarah Goodwin

Rick Eichstadt and Kitty Klitzke

John Speare and Liza Mattana

Mason Burley and Laurel Kelly 

The Cater Family
     Lindy, Ron, Ben, Charlie, Shawna, & Poorvi

Toni Lodge

Happy Watkins

Rick Romero














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