Livable Neighborhoods | Real Solutions for Spokane

"As Mayor, I will continue to work with the community to create strong, safe thriving neighborhoods where citizens live, work and play." Continue reading

Criminal Justice | Real Solutions for Spokane

"We can decrease over-crowding,create a more efficient criminal justice system,have a better working environment for our judges and citizens, while not spending any more of the taxpayer’s money! I will be the Mayor to innovate and create real solutions for the challenges facing Spokane."  Continue reading

Responsive Support for Small Business | Real Solutions for Spokane

"I am the only candidate with the ability to step in, on day one, with experience listening to small businesses and a track record of responding." Continue reading

Homelessness | Real Solutions for Spokane

"There is never going to be a single solution for homelessness. Everyone has different needs, and we can meet them. It takes resources. It takes effort. It takes persistence. I have the experience and understanding of what is required, the dedication and leadership to make it happen."  Continue reading

Statewide Support | Real Solutions for Spokane

"As Mayor, I will cultivate the strong working relationships I have established over the last 7+ years, across both the city and state. I will work for Spokane, continuing to reach out and create new partnerships, building vital connections for the common good." Continue reading