Revitalization | Real Solutions for Spokane

"As Mayor, money would be invested on revitalizing and improving areas inside the City of Spokane. The city is NOT going to subsidize development that adds nothing to the tax rolls and creates infrastructure issues by building on the edge of town." Continue reading

Traffic Calming | Real Solutions for Spokane

"I will be the Mayor who continues to value a safer environment for driving, walking, biking and taking public transportation." Continue reading

Supporting Art | Real Solutions for Spokane

"As Mayor, I will continue to strengthen art programs that provide opportunities for local artists to help them share their work with all of us. Public art is not just another budget line item, it is an investment in our people." Continue reading

Livable Neighborhoods | Real Solutions for Spokane

"As Mayor, I will continue to work with the community to create strong, safe thriving neighborhoods where citizens live, work and play." Continue reading

Criminal Justice | Real Solutions for Spokane

"We can decrease over-crowding,create a more efficient criminal justice system,have a better working environment for our judges and citizens, while not spending any more of the taxpayer’s money! I will be the Mayor to innovate and create real solutions for the challenges facing Spokane."  Continue reading