Affordable Housing | Tenant Protections

"Spokane is behind other cities in protecting renters from unfair business practices. We need to strengthen protections for renters of all ages and incomes."   Continue reading

Affordable Housing | Partnerships

We need to work with our public, private and non-profit partners to help Spokane provide enough housing for our low-income seniors and other citizens seeking housing stability.   Continue reading

Affordable Housing | Increasing Housing Supply

"The number of homes developed in our community has not kept pace with population growth. We lack homes at all income levels." Continue reading

Affordable Housing | Solutions for Spokane

"Introduction to a three-part article about my solutions for the affordable housing crisis facing Spokane"   Continue reading

Spokane Homelessness Solutions

"As Mayor, I will prioritize this complex issue, working with real solutions to end homelessness in our city." Continue reading