Homelessness | Real Solutions for Spokane

"There is never going to be a silver bullet to solve homelessness. Everyone has different needs, and we can meet them. It takes resources. It takes effort. It takes persistence. I have the experience and understanding of what is required, the dedication and leadership to make it happen."  Continue reading

Environmental Sustainability | Real Solutions for Spokane

"As Mayor, I will create an Office of Sustainability  to update and initiate implementation of the Sustainable Action Plan.   I will be the leader who works to ensure environmental responsibility, starting with the city government."   Continue reading

Prioritizing Public Safety | Real Solutions for Spokane

"Public Safety is city's paramount duty.  I am running for Mayor to ensure accountability. I will listen to the citizens and act on their behalf." Continue reading

Award Winning Targeted Investment | Real Solutions for Spokane

"I am running for Mayor because I know we can efficiently target our limited resources and utilize the ingenuity of our citizens to improve every single neighborhood in Spokane."    Continue reading