Award Winning Targeted Investment | Real Solutions for Spokane

"I am running for Mayor because I know we can efficiently target our limited resources and

utilize the ingenuity of our citizens to improve every single neighborhood in Spokane."


A City Council member typically sits on 12 to 15 Boards and Commissions as a representative of the City of Spokane. These governing bodies do a variety of tasks but one major function is to recommend funding allocations for isolated pots of money.

After two years in office, I realized many of the funding recommendations were distributed so thinly to the point that allocations were much too small to make a dent in the issues we were trying to address.

That’s how I came up with the idea of Targeted Investment. Targeted Investment uses over 25 data points to identify neighborhoods ripe for significant programming and investment.

The Sprague Union District (East Sprague) has proven that Targeted Investment in Spokane neighborhoods work. The City of Spokane has invested over $30 million dollars, ensured that the neighborhood remains mixed income by giving extra points for affordable housing projects done in the targeted area, worked to create a new business improvement district, and we are seeing new private investment.

This is a Spokane solution. This is a Spokane success and I am proud of the incredible work that City of Spokane staff, neighborhood leaders, and the East Spokane Business Association did to help make it successful. The Targeted Investment project was awarded the Smart Communities Smart Partnership award in 2018.

- Assessed Property Value in the targeted area increased 10 times more annually after investment than in previous years ($3.5 million increase 2015 to 2016)

-  Crime decreased by 30% after targeting investment in Sprague Union District

-  Over 20 new small businesses have opened since the project launched

I am running for Mayor because the solutions to Spokane’s most pressing issues require a Mayor with the courage to implement them. I will be that Mayor.  

Thank you for your support,


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