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About Ben

Ben Stuckart is a candidate for Mayor of Spokane.  Ben was born and raised in Spokane, and worked his way through college at Gonzaga University as a construction worker, dishwasher, and janitor.  After college, Ben went into the ticketing industry, where he worked for the Oakland Raiders, the Sydney Olympics, and TicketsWest.  

Before going into politics, Ben started the nonprofit Communities in Schools of Spokane County, where he helped provide supplementary programs and resources to school children in need. As Spokane City Council President, Ben is committed to transparency, efficiency, and pragmatic solutions.  As your mayor, Ben will be a passionate, energetic, and effective advocate for all of the citizens of Spokane.

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    Addressing Poverty and Homelessness in 2019

    There is no singular solution to addressing homelessness and poverty in our community, and there never will be. If there was a silver bullet to ending each circumstance that leads to someone sleeping on our street, the City of Spokane employees who devote their professional lives to this mission would implement it immediately. The best of America’s communities, Spokane included, continually face the complexities of addiction, inequities in our economy, and a social safety net with holes that a single city is unable to close on its own.
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