Stuckart: CBO Score Exposes McMorris Rodgers’ Lies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Spokane – Ben Stuckart, Spokane City Council President and 2018 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington’s 5th Congressional District, today expressed disappointment in House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ depictions of the AHCA. Continue reading

Trumpcare Disaster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Trumpcare passage a disaster for Eastern Washington Continue reading

A Voice for the Voiceless

“Nobody chooses to leave their country on a whim.” Continue reading

The Answer is Single Payer

  “The ACA has had an incredible impact on Eastern Washington.”  Dr. William Lockwood is sitting in a coffee shop in the North Central neighborhood of Spokane, sipping his coffee as he speaks about his area of expertise: health care. Continue reading

Failure of AHCA is a Victory for Eastern Washington

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ben Stuckart Joins Thousands of Eastern Washingtonians in Celebrating Defeat of GOP Law; Announces Slate of Town Hall Events Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act Saved My Life

   For years, the first thing you would have noticed about Erin was the hair. Continue reading

March is Health Care Month

I believe that health care is a fundamental human right.  I think everyone should have functional access to high quality health care.  I think the Affordable Care Act is just the starting point, and that our goal should be a system where corporations and insurance companies no longer profit off of sick people.   Continue reading