I believe in us

I believe that good government is all about working with your neighbors to make your community better, and that listening is one of the most important traits for any public servant.  Here are some ideas I've developed over my years of listening.


I believe in science

I believe in data. I believe in facts. I believe that climate change is real. I believe that America is home to some of the greatest scientific institutions in the world, and that encouraging innovation and fostering scientific entrepreneurship is going to be crucial to the future of our economy.

I believe in free press

I believe in real news from real journalists even when the content doesn't satisfy or flatter me politically.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States

I believe in the 1st amendment. And the 2nd. And the 3rd. And the 4th and the rest of them. I believe in the power of the US Constitution and the incredible freedom and responsibilities it affords us all.

I believe in the freedom to worship

I believe that a person should be free to worship how they see fit without the risk of government intervention or exploitation.

I believe in taking care of our heroes

I believe we should stop treating the military-industrial complex as an economic stimulus program, end our international military installation program, and put those savings into taking care of the heroes who have served us valiantly over these past decades of consistent military operations.

I believe our workers are as important as our capital

I believe the men and women who make or serve the product or service are just as valuable to our economy as the investors who supply the capital and reap the profits. I believe in standing up for job creators. I believe all work should be valued.

I believe healthcare is a right 

I believe Social Security and Medicare are earned programs - not entitlements. Our parents and grandparents made commitments to take care of each other - I refuse to be the generation that turns its back on that promise.