Public service is about making society better and responding to emerging issues with measured responses.  My best days as an elected official have been when we're able to get stuff done.  I intend to take my pragmatic and solution-oriented approach to Congress.  I will work for smart solutions that benefit people's lives.

Here are a few of the things I've been able to accomplish at the City of Spokane:

Working Together

  • Partnered with the Mayor to lead passage of the Street Levy.  Passed by 65%+ and has already resulted in record annual amounts being spent on our infrastructure
  • Partnered with City Council to put the Library Levy on the ballot, resulting in longer hours and more services.  Passed by 65%+
  • Partnered with the Mayor to renovate RiverFront Park.  Refinancing the bonds is allowing us to reinvigorate downtown with a $65 million investment.
  • Partnered with Council and the community to come up with new rules on Food Trucks, Cell Phone Towers and Uber and Lyft.  Each effort was collaborative and resulted in successful frameworks.

Economic Development

  • Developed the Targeted Investment Strategy for City of Spokane, starting with $18 million in Sprague corridor, this has now been adapted as the City’s official economic development strategy.  Project on Sprague started in 2017.
  • Led city efforts to redevelop Ridpath Hotel, project breaks ground middle of 2017.
  • Leading efforts to create first City County joint Public Development Authority by late 2017.  First time that the City and the County will profit share and put funds into economic development.
  • Member of University District Board.  Led effort to get Tax Increment Financing funds fronted to a Public Development Authority.

Worker’s Rights

  • Led effort to pass an Apprenticeship Ordinance requiring 15% apprenticeship utilization on projects over $600,000.  Building a stronger workforce.
  • Led effort to take operation of Waste to Energy Plant out of private hands and put management back in city hands.   This saved 45 positions and allows for local firms to bid on the work.  It also saves the City $1 million a year.
  • Passed strong wage theft laws, protecting workers in Spokane
  • Led many efforts to protect Civil Service.  Merit based system is still alive in Spokane.


  • Led effort to ban City from purchasing products with PCB’s
  • Led effort to ban City use of neonicotinoids
  • Led effort to ensure that each new car the City purchases has better gas mileage than the previous purchase
  • Led effort to pass Urban Farming initiatives.  More locally grown food helps the economy and increases community.
  • Formed the Spokane Food Policy Council
  • Led numerous efforts on Coal and Oil Trains: passing resolutions, travelling to Olympia, Washington DC and speaking at rallies

Justice and Equity

  • Led effort to create Racial Equity Committee inside the criminal justice reform effort.  Co-chaired committee last two years
  • Led effort to pass Paid Sick Leave in the City of Spokane for all businesses
  • Led effort to pass Anti-Bias Policing Ordinance, protecting our immigrant and refugee populations


  • Led effort to increase City spending on Human Services by over 35% in the last 3 years
  • Led effort to spend emergency funds to stop largest shelter from closing and implement a 24 hour 7 day a week shelter model

Youth Empowerment

  • Led effort in 2009 to pass City of Spokane Children's Initiative - would have increased funding for mentorships, early childhood learning, and afterschool programs
  • Was named the 2010 Chase Youth Commission Champion for Youth

Arts and Culture

  • In 2012, when Mayor eliminated the Arts Department, created and gained support to create Spokane Arts
  • Tripled Arts Funding in 2016 and all future years with dedicated funding
  • Member of Board of Directors for Terrain and Artist Trust

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